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Just as there’s a range of men’s hair types,
cuts and styles out there, there’s also a range of
Uppercut Deluxe styling products to match.

Uppercut Deluxe Styling Products

Find the one that works for you

Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight

  • Don't let its name fool you - this product packs a punch.

    With plenty of tack for a natural hold, our lightest wax is perfect for messy, textured styles with a dry finish.

    Hold - Medium with grip
    Finish - Dry, matt look
    Style Guide - Perfect for textured or messy styles
    Hair Type - Suitable for all hair types of shorter length
    Size: 70g
    Water Based

Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade

  • Uppercut Deluxe Matt pomade is a water soluble, no shine product that provides medium hold and a light, natural finish.

    Outstanding performance across a diverse range of styles and hair types.

    Hold - Medium
    Finish - No shine natural matt look
    Style guide - Outstanding performance across a diverse range of styles, classic and modern
    Hair type - All hair types and lengths
    Size - 100g
    Water based

Uppercut Deluxe Matt Clay

  • This product is an all round knock out. It grips and holds short or long hair and effortlessly shapes just about any style. Its almost too easy.

    Best used to create short textured looks, or longer sweeping styles where ultimate control and precision are required.

    Hold - Strong but reworkable
    Finish - Dry, matt look
    Style Guide - Perfect for controlling longer or textured styles
    Hair Type - Ideal for difficult to control hair of any length
    Size: 60g
    Petroleum Based

Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold

  • Specially formulated to give light hold and a natural, matt finish.

    Create texture, volume and control with little visible sign of product.

    Easy Hold is the lightest product in the Uppercut Deluxe range and features a signature Natural Woody Tobacco scent.

    Hold - Light
    Finish - Natural and Matt
    Style guide - Perfect for loose, textured styles where a natural finish is desired
    Hair type - Suitable for all hair types and length
    Size: 90 gm
    Water based

Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold

  • Monster Hold does exactly what it says on the tin.

    Designed for those who want that little something extra from their hair products.

    Hold - Heavy and strong
    Finish - Waxy, medium shine
    Style Guide - Perfect for all styles
    Hair Type - Anything that needs hardcore control
    Size: 70g
    Petroleum Based

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade

  • With strong hold and just the right amount of shine that doesn't dry out, this Pomade has it all. The best bit - it washes out with no fuss.

    Deluxe Pomade has been designed for the discerning kinda guy who has a particular style in mind. Perfect for timeless, classic looks - such as high pompadours, side parts or slick-back sides.

    Hold - Strong without stiffness
    Finish - Medium-high shine
    Style guide - Perfect for controlling and defining pomps, side-parts and slick-backs
    Hair type - Suitable for all hair types of medium length
    Size: 100ml
    Water based

Uppercut Deluxe Beard Balm

  • Uppercut Deluxe Beard Balm has been created to keep even the most manly of men in shape. We know that keeping an epic beard in shape is no easy task and that a great beard doesn't just happen, so we decided to make something that helps.

    Hold - Slight hold allows for controlled styling
    Finish - Non-oily moisturizer
    Hair type - Suitable for medium to long beards
    Size: 100ml/Net 3.38 fl. Oz.
    Water based

Uppercut Deluxe Mo Wax

  • Every moustache needs a little help to stay smooth and slick - and that's where our Mo' Wax comes in.

    All moustaches are loved by us equally, so whichever style you rock on your upper lip our Mo' Wax will help to keep it looking good and smelling fresh.

    Our lightly scented Moustache Wax is designed to be lightweight but strong hold - we can't think of anything worse than a smelly, greasy, heavyweight trap of a 'stache weighing down your upper lip.

    We know that your moustache is an important aspect of your appearance. Use our Mo' Wax to keep it under control.


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